A review for Cure Choice's electric heating pad

Cure Choice Electric Heating Pad Product Review

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Living with cerebral palsy involves learning how to deal with pain and discomfort. Do not mistaken that statement for whining though. Rather, the comment merely acknowledges an honest reality.

Oppose to dwelling on any inconvenience or agitation pain causes, the best approach remains equipping yourself to relieve pain. Equip in this context proving quite literal. As in equipping yourself with Cure Choice’s electric heating pad.

Hopefully by the time you finish reading this, you will determine whether the Cure Choice electric heating pad would benefit you or your loved one. Please keep in mind, I am NOT a doctor or medical professional. Instead, I am simply offering a review based off my firsthand experiences using the product.


Occasionally, over the years I used an electric heating pad to provide myself pain relief. Although, around 31 years old my occasional use became more frequent. Especially during the fall and winter when temperatures fell. The colder weather causing my spastic muscles to grow increasingly cranky.

Again though, I am not here to whine. Rather, I intend to concentrate on one possible solution. For a while, said solution entailed borrowing an old electric heating pad my parents owned. However, as my reliance on the heating pad increased, I decided I should buy my own.

Admittedly, I liked my parents’ heating pad. Unfortunately, any branding on the pad faded off. Making buying the same model impossible. Leaving me instead to spend a September afternoon in 2020 browsing Amazon, researching electric heating pads. My research resulting in me purchasing the Cure Choice electric heating pad.    


To date, I have used Cure Choice’s heating pad to relieve lower back pain, shoulder soreness, and thigh aches. The pad’s large size enabling the great versatility. You can prop the heating pad up behind your back to receive relief there. Hold across a sore shoulder to work out those pesky kinks. Or lay on your lap to neutralize aching thighs.

Heat wise, Cure Choice’s heating pad offers three settings. All navigable through a one-button controller attached to the pad’s cord. Press once for the low setting. Twice brings you to the medium setting. Pressing a third time leads you to the high setting. Hitting the button, a fourth time turns off the heat. In my opinion the heating pad does not get overly hot. So, I personally always use the high setting. Typically using the heating pad anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour.  

Given the one-button controller, I imagine most people will find the Cure Choice electric heating pad easily accessible to use. Nevertheless, I understand cerebral palsy differs greatly in different individuals. Meaning what works for me, might not work for you. Sometimes you need a visual demonstration to enable you to decide whether a product would fit your capabilities. If you fall into this category, relax. I got you covered.


Like I mentioned at this post’s start and reiterated in the embedded video, I am NOT a doctor or medical professional. I beg you. Read all the information Cure Choice includes with their electric heating pad. In-particular you should note Cure Choice warns against using the heating pad on infants, someone asleep, individuals with poor circulation, paralysis, or diabetes, and more.

Truthfully, some such warnings involve common sense. Others, nonetheless, may surprise you. Info good to know for keeping your heating pad functioning properly.

Giving an example, Cure Choice instructs “Avoid sharp folds.” Plus “Loop cord loosely when storing.” Instructions Cure Choice makes easy to follow by including a portable carrying case with their heating pad.


Risking sounding silly, the portable carrying case initially intimidated me. I worried I would lack the fine motor skills needed to fit the rolled-up heating pad into the case. Worry which ended up unfounded.  

Yet what I stated earlier bears repeating. Cerebral palsy differs greatly in different individuals. Just because I can comfortingly fit the heating pad into the carrying case, does not mean you will too. Hence the reason within the video embedded earlier, I also demonstrated rolling up the heating pad and placing into the carrying case.

Watching back the video when editing gave me a pillow/pillowcase vibe. I suspect if you can get a pillow into a pillowcase, you will successfully slide Cure Choice’s electric heating pad into the accompanying carrying case. Afterwards you just need to find a place to store the heating pad until next use.


Overall, I have found the Cure Choice electric heating pad effective in reducing back pain, shoulder soreness, and thigh aches. With that said, I hesitate to give the heating pad a definitive endorsement. Not due to any flaws regarding the product itself.

Alternatively, my hesitancy stems from not knowing you or your loved one. Your health and physical abilities will decide whether the Cure Choice electric heating pad remains the right fit for you. Hopefully, this review gave you the information you need to make that decision.

If you possess any questions regarding the product, leave a comment below to ask.

Until next time, remember. Do not blend in. Blend out!


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