Find motivation with Slow and Cerebral by Zachary Fenell

Find Motivation with My New Book

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Find motivation with my new book, Slow and Cerebral. The book is a memoir about accomplishing the “unreasonable.” For me that meant not letting the neurological disability cerebral palsy (CP) stop me from becoming a marathoner.

If you thought, “Wow! Sounds like a great human-interest piece,” you are not alone. In fact, my marathon pursuit landed me in the local newspaper. You can find the article online under the headline, “A Man, His Cane, and 26.2 ‘Unreasonable’ Miles to Prove His Own Doubts Wrong.”

I made front page news after completing my first full marathon!

While an incredibly well written article by Michael McIntyre, the word limit necessitated by a newspaper’s limited space brings about obstacles. Multiple people read the article and commented to me “How inspiring!” Or some similar sentiment. Knowing others found motivation from my marathon journey means a lot.

Although to risk sounding ungrateful, I sometimes wondered, “Did you really find motivation from my story?” I say that without throwing shade at anyone. To find motivation, truly impactful motivation, proves difficult. Those short human-interest pieces inspire us in the moment. Yet that inspiration quickly flees. Often chased off by reason.

“With my condition? I don’t think so!”

“Given my circumstances? I cannot do that.”

No more!

Again, I am not casting judgment on anyone’s fleeting inspiration. Honestly, I am guilty too. A powerful book served as the catalyst for my marathon journey. I read the book in early 2011. However, I did not get serious with my training until 2014. Three years later!  

Even then reason haunted me. “With my balance? How fast I fatigue?” Legitimate concerns which I let limit my thinking and potential, at least initially. All subjects I cover in Slow and Cerebral.

Slow and Cerebral by Zachary Fenell front cover
Slow and Cerebral is available at

Like Flexing Fatherhood’s Tim Wambach notes in his foreword for my book, “366 pages! My man went deep.” Indeed, I did. The depth purposeful. My desire to make connection with readers. Let them understand I talked big at parties too. Eager to share, “I am training for a half marathon.” Simultaneously, I had no idea where to go to register for races.

Or maybe you will connect with me over intimidating hypotheticals. Those “what ifs” which we frequently allow to psych ourselves out. Keeping us from even trying. Well, until now.

Accomplished race-walker Michael Mannozzi described Slow and Cerebral as “Relatable and inspiring!” I hope you will feel the same way reading the book. That you will relate to my experiences, but more importantly become truly inspired by my story. Inspiration which surpasses the momentary feel-good sensation.

I want you to find motivation, truly impactful motivation. Making the “unreasonable” in your life feel less overwhelming and more approachable. An objective which is only possible by going in-depth. Everything starts with picking up the book.

Find motivation with Slow and Cerebral

Until next time, remember. Don’t blend in. Blend out!


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