The growing social media movement CPChatNow offers an online support group for those with cerebral palsy. At the movement’s core stands the live weekly Twitter chat #CPChatNow, which takes place every Wednesday 8pm ET. Reaching for the Stars Student Ambassador Blake Henry and I co-host the weekly chat.

Joining the Twitter chat proves rather easy for Twitter users. Just follow these simple steps Wednesday evenings.

Instructions to join the live weekly Twitter chat #CPChatNow.For individuals not on Twitter, you can get involved through the extend-the-conversation question. Every week I compile highlights from the week’s chat into a recap. You will find the recaps posted to the CPChatNow Facebook fan page. Leave your answer to the extend-the-conversation question on the Facebook post. The fan page also posts articles on current events, asks popular questions brought up during the previous chat, and more!

Image Used to Promote the first CPChatNow

John, Tim, and I used this image (created by Sarah Wambach) to promote the first ever #CPChatNow discussion.

CPChatNow started in December 2013 when author/motivational speaker John W. Quinn (Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy), Handicap This’ multi-faceted Tim Wambach (speaker/actor/author- How We Roll) and I joined forces to host a live Twitter chat using the hashtag #CPChatNow.

Almost instantly due to enthusiastic feedback from the Twittersphere the chat became a weekly deal. Initially the chat’s concept featured others with CP, their caregivers, family members, friends, and even curious strangers asking John, Tim, and I questions about cerebral palsy.

Over time however the format evolved into an online support group for people with CP. Change continued when busy schedules forced both John and Tim to step back from hosting the chat. Eventually I asked Blake to step up as my new co-host. He eagerly accepted.

2015 saw CPChatNow grow in new and exciting ways. We introduced the focus chat concept. Focus chats put a specific topic in the spotlight during a live Twitter chat. For example, the first focus chat discussed “cerebral palsy and relationships.” Authors Barton and Megan Cutter (Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll) joined us to answer questions.

Another exciting way CPChatNow grew entailed hosting a monthly video chat via Google Hangouts. These Hangouts occur on one selected Thursday per month. Due to privacy reasons, invites to the Hangout go out privately. Anyone interested in participating in the Hangouts should contact me.

To show CPChatNow support and stay updated on everything, like the Facebook fan page. Meanwhile I hope to chat with you Wednesdays.

CPChatNow Facebook Cover Photo

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