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#CPChatNow Recap- 03-18-2015

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Last night’s  #CPChatNow discussion started off slow. Seemingly life kept people occupied.

Susanne should be editingI mentioned a couple announcements but I wanted to wait until the conversation picked up before making them. That began to happen when Hailey talked about getting new shoes.

Hailey and her new VansShoe Conversation part 2Shoe Conversation part 3Shoe conversation part 4Hailey’s tweet to Vans led me to ask a question.

Other brands good for the cerebral palsy community

Also Hailey shared exciting news, plans to meet my co-host Blake in-person!

#CPChatNow makes real connectionsYou can’t restrict our connections at #CPChatNow to just social media! Anyways with the chatter increased I decided to share the announcements from my  Blake and I which I previously referenced.

March 26th #CPChatNow Google Hangout announcedAnnouncement 2- Focused ChatRegarding the first announcement, “same procedures as last month” means I will send out invites for the Hangout via my CPChatNow Google+ circle. Contact me if you would like me to add you to that list. The March 26th Hangout takes place at 8pm ET.

Now the second announcement about our chat on National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day sparked some questions. First, regarding my description “high school students, college students, and young professionals all with CP.”

What about us old folks?Joking aside, accurately describing who comprises the #CPChatNow community proves tough because we remain such a diverse group. That diversity should make for some interesting answers next week!

Yet prior to answering questions, we must bring in guests. The how we do that Devin asked.

Marketing the 03-25 ChatSo if you know a parent, teacher, caregiver, or just anyone who might find next week’s chat on National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day helpful, tell them to join us. Feel free to share the promotional graphic with them too.

Cerebral Palsy Day Twitter ChatTo wrap up today’s recap, let me ask the Extend the Conversation Question. How quickly do you wear out your shoes’ soles? Answer by commenting!


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