Good habits empower

Good Habits Empower

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Think about your life. What springs to mind, happy thoughts or negative ones? Now consider your daily routines, what you might call habits. The first represents results from the latter. In other words your daily habits shape how you view your life.

Personally I enjoyed a pretty great week last week. So logically I’m feeling happy. What made my week great? Thanks for asking! My answer remains twofold. First, I’m beaming over the way I executed my time management. Secondly, my return to actively writing for The Mobility Resource (TMR) gained momentum.

A couple weeks ago I put out a video blog post on Youtube titled “Time Management Strategies.” Take a look!

The good habits I speak about in the video (creating to-do lists and keeping a time journal) naturally evolved last week. Typically I take a very short-sighted approach to each week, focusing on one day at a time. Outside outlining certain objectives I wish to complete that day I’m pretty much not planning more than a few hours at once.

Given the aforementioned my Tuesday evening involved an undertaking new to me. I sat down listing everything I wished to accomplish before week’s end. Then I distributed out those tasks, writing to-do lists for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! Thanks to good habits I went from planning three hours ahead to three days!

Said success contributed to me gaining momentum with The Mobility Resource. Two weeks ago I returned to actively writing for The Mobility Resource. Prior a four-month company hiatus combined with questionable time management skills on my behalf led to quite a lengthy period where my TMR profile sat around collecting virtual dust. Almost 11 months specifically!

So what happened with the seven months I hold responsibility for? To give myself credit, I spent December 2014 and January 2015 on other priorities. Yet that does leave another five months to account for. Truthfully, I simply fell apart.

Deaths to valuable persons in my support system played a role, understandable. However, eventually you need to move on. Not exercising led to self-sabotage. Last year I went from mid-March to almost mid-July without exercising once. That can’t happen when you live with cerebral palsy.

During the aforementioned time period nearly anytime I sat down to write I walked away from my laptop frustrated, unable to concentrate due to how my body felt. The obvious solution calls to exercise but I felt so crappy I couldn’t even muster the energy anymore.

Good habits empower

Forming good habits will give you the strength to develop even better habits!

Finally though, on July 9th I reached my “no more” point and exercised. Soon I entered the habit exercising twice a week. That habit provided incredible physical relief for me. I sincerely believe my newly utilized time management strategies don’t manifest without my good exercising habits.

Bottom line and today’s takeaway good habits empower. Good habits took me from a physical and mental mess to feeling refreshed which in return advanced me towards even better habits. Where will good habits take you?

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