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#CPChatNow Recap- 03-11-2015

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Anticipation for the train ride known as #CPChatNow built up before the usual 8pm ET departure time.

Countdown to CPChatNow Personally I tracked my own countdown, about 15 tweets away from the 10,000-tweet Twitter milestone.

Countdown to my 10,000-tweet milestoneMy co-host Reaching for the Stars Foundation Student Ambassador Blake Henry put us on a path to discuss Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month.

How have you raised cerebral palsy awareness?Devin raised great points about Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, sparking thought-provoking dialogue.

CP Awareness Month is a great idea but...

A month for everything! Breast Cancer Awareness ComparisonRegarding cerebral palsy and deathCP Awareness Month can also trigger reflection.

March is a time to reflectAmidst the engaging dialogue I reached the 10,000-tweet milestone.

I hit the 10,000-tweet milestoneThe startle reflex quip incorporates a real life issue many with cerebral palsy encounter.

Blake talks startle reflexAlso we saw a new face join us.

CPChatNow is welcomingOur welcoming nature went on display too when a familiar face popped in after going MIA for awhile.

Kate returns from being MIAAdmittedly not everything went smoothly last night.

Time change confusionBlake and I will use this as a learning experience moving forward to emphasize how time changes could affect #CPChatNow’s start time in different time zones. Speaking about learning experiences and Blake though, we stand one week closer to #THEDECISION.

One week closer to #TheDecisionShall we conclude this week’s recap and ask the Extend the Conversation Question? Do you feel Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month works or gets lost in the awareness month dilution? Comment with your answer!

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