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Overcome Self-Doubt: Find Your Awesomeness

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Overcome self-doubt and build self-confidence by embracing your awesomeness. You do know about your awesomeness, right? When I say “awesomeness,” I’m referencing all the reasons which justify your self-confidence. All the reasons your employer lucked out by hiring you. All the reasons your significant other loves you. All the reasons you stand on top the dating market a top prospect.

Maybe after you read the above you thought “Yeah, whatever. That’s not me.” That reaction tells me something. You still need to discover your awesomeness. The task remains difficult because often we let doubt blind us. We focus too much on our own uncertainties.

What makes you awesome?Uncertainties manifest themselves in different ways. Surely many people who visit my blog here live with disabilities. Easily disabilities can trigger someone to question his or her own abilities. Other readers though might fall into the entrepreneurial category. By moving my blog to zacharyfenell.com I broadened my target audience beyond the disability community.

However the topic driving you here does not really matter. Today’s subject knows no boundaries. I believe everyone encounters self-doubt, even those persons who seem to sweat confidence! The latter just handle the doubt better.

Why, yes! I can give you an example. In fact my memoir Off Balanced (available on the Kindle* and Nook) supplies one. Off Balanced documents my emotional journey from feeling embarrassed over my cerebral palsy (CP) to embracing my disability. Essentially my disability created self-doubt. Due to my CP I stuck out but I wanted to blend in.

So what happened? Considering no cure exists for cerebral palsy I did not eventually blend in. Rather through the experiences I recall in Off Balanced I came to realize how standing out could become an asset.

Overcoming my disability related trepidation did not magically transform my life into a “Hakuna Matata” paradise. My current worries link to my entrepreneurial pursuits. While I hope I come across as the person sweating confidence, I am constantly managing self-doubt.

Presently I’m re-energized towards reaching my ultimate goal, making enough money freelancing to enjoy financial freedom. Steps I’m taking like adding Google Adsense ads to my site and writing my next book aim to increase my revenue streams.

Yet along the way I’m fighting lingering questions. Do I draw enough website traffic to make Adsense even matter? Am I making a mistake spending time on a second book? After all, the first one only sold so well. Such questions represent doubts.

Admittedly my doubts possess credibility. I recognize that. To not let the doubts overwhelm me I’m holding an internal dialogue addressing each question. Basically I altered the doubt into something more useful, constructive criticism.

Quite frankly I could probably benefit from laying my entrepreneurial ambitions to rest and instead seek out a full-time job with luxuries like set hours and more stability. Nevertheless I can’t. I’m determined to make freelancing work because despite all the tribulations involved, my awesomeness ties into what I do now. Take a look at the image below.

Off Balanced Reader Feedback

Writing gives me an outlet to touch other people’s lives. Plus I admit on a selfish note motivation to feel good about myself. I’m a skilled writer. Getting compliments on my writing from clients and readers keeps me feeling good.

Enough about me though. Time to take today’s post full circle. If you do not feel good about yourself, you need to find your awesomeness. Figure out what matters most to you in life and list your best skills. Decide how to intertwine the two and say hello to your awesomeness.

Challenge: Celebrate National Reading Month and Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month (both March) by downloading Off Balanced to your Kindle* or Nook. Read not only as a cerebral palsy memoir but also a confidence building memoir.


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