Words #CPChatNow uses to describe our Twitter chat

#CPChatNow Recap- 07-08-2015

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Seven days removed from our great caregiving focus chat and the live weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow looked to continue with the upward momentum. Earlier in the day my co-host cohort Blake Henry and I enjoyed a great conversation about our prospective upcoming focus chats. Blake quickly foreshadowed the excitement to come.

Foreshadowing the upcoming months for #CPChatNowPerhaps though, the early excitement proved too much as this week’s chat encountered a slow start.

Slow start to #CPChatNow Busy schedules left some people missing the chat or arriving fashionably late.

Busy Blemi

Lindsay is busy

After awhile however the conversation picked up. Topics included what we did on July Fourth and just friendly banter.

What did you do on July 4th?Friendly banter


Our own Devin Axtman’s guest blog post for Handicap This Productions helped facilitate dialogue.

Devin's HTP guest postMake sure you read Devin’s post, “Finding Inclusion During Life’s Transitions.”

While mentioning the Handicap This blog, I shared an early #ThrowbackThursday post.

Throwback to Blake's HTP post See Blake’s post too, “Empowerment for the Cerebral Palsy Community.”

Regarding community, our #CPChatNow community will hold our monthly Google Hangout Thursday, July 23rd at the usual 8pm ET.

Date for July 2015 Google HangoutOn a final note a well respected member in our community stopped in as she continues recovering from surgery.

Hannah checks inNew Day joke

To help supply reference to the “New Day” comments, I embedded a video below.

Words #CPChatNow uses to describe our Twitter chatTo take humorous remarks and make them serious, let the Extend-the-Conversation question embrace the “power of positivity.” How do you stay positive during tough times? Answer by commenting below or by commenting on the #CPChatNow Facebook page.

Thanks for reading the recap and for your continued interest in the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow.

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