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#CPChatNow Recap- Caregiving Focus Chat

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Excitement burst throughout the #CPChatNow community Wednesday, July 1st like fireworks lighting up the night sky. The spark ignited by Handicap This co-star and #CPChatNow co-founder Tim Wambach returning to lead a focus chat on caregiving.

Excitement for #CPChatNow Caregiving Focus Chat45 Minutes Until #CPChatNow Caregiving Focus ChatMinutes before the live Twitter chat started though, bad news arrived.

Bad news- Zach has no powerRise above my co-host Blake Henry, our special guest Tim Wambach, and the #CPChatNow community did. Tim began by defining the term “caregiver.”

What is a caregiver?Dialogue demonstrated how delicate a relationship a person and his or her caregiver share.

A caregiver shares a sacred relationshipCaregiving and trustTo the average person the remedy to a thieving or otherwise untrustworthy caregiver appears simple, fire the caregiver! Yet that solution overlooks a lot.

Firing caregiversIn many ways the person needing caregiving faces a vulnerable situation, which leads us to this week’s Extend-the-Conversation question.

Share a vulnerable situation you experienced.

Remember to leave your answer in the comment section!

Now moving on with the recap Erin added insights about hiring caregivers.

Hiring caregivers

Another question involved how someone’s death impacts a caregiving scenario.

Caregiving and deathOn a personal note during all the great conversation my power thankfully came back and I managed to join the Wednesday night fun.

Zach is back

I entered right around the time Blake asked Tim about Tim’s time serving as a caregiver for his Handicap This co-star Mike Berkson.

What's most difficult about being Mike's caregiver? Admittedly the focus chat also contained much un-focused chatterĀ  After all Tim’s return provided the ideal opportunity to catch up.

Brandon's softball gameHow is the podcast going? The podcast Alex mentions you can find at the Handicap This website and on i-Tunes. At the Handicap This website you can additionally learn about Mike and Tim’s most recent venture, Making Minds Handicap Accessible: The Classroom Experience.

8'O Clock

The live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow takes place every Wednesday at 8pm ET. Why not join the fun?

Thank yous go out to Tim one last time. We appreciate the time you spent with us yesterday evening. Keep on keeping on!

P.S. Did you answer the Extend-the-Conversation question yet?

Share a vulnerable situation you experienced.

Leave your answer in the comments or on the #CPChatNow Facebook page!

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