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Celebrate Self-Improvement Month

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Happy Self-Improvement Month!


Did you not know September marks Self-Improvement Month? Well honestly I didn’t know either until I searched “September is national what month.” Anyways, now we both know. So next comes the question, how will you celebrate?

Allow me to give you some ideas.

Make a Music Playlist That Motivates!

Sounds simple, right? Take the songs that motivate you and compile them into a life changing playlist! In the morning when you wish to stay in bed, let your playlist get you going. At night while battling exhaustion, pump up that playlist!

If your music tastes prove similar to mine, you may want to include these tunes.


Set a New Goal

Use Self-Improvement Month to add a new goal to your existing ones. This idea will probably best serve those in the maintenance stages for their current goals. For example, I possess a weekly goal to exercise twice every seven days. Since I’m comfortably reaching said goal weekly I recently added to my fitness goals a daily goal, a set of reverse crunches.

Widen your horizons quote from Stephen RichardsExpand Your Horizons

By expanding your horizons I’m saying try something new. Anything new! Start small and read a book from a different genre than you usually read. Or go big and begin volunteering in the community. I actually just finished the former.

Typically I tend to read nonfiction books, mostly memoirs. However, yesterday I finished a fictional mystery Cold Black Earth by Sam Reaves. Cold Black Earth provided a refreshing break from my usual reading habits. Refreshment leads to thinking differently, creating opportunity for self-improvement.

Quick side bar for regular fiction readers: You can expand your horizons by checking out my memoir Off Balanced. Beyond a disability memoir Off Balanced (available on the Kindle and Nook) acts as a coming of age story. Enjoy!

Change Your Passwords So They Empower

My final idea for celebrating Self-Improvement Month doubles as a security measure. Change your passwords online. Aim for a password which projects empowerment. Then each time you type the password you will feel compelled to work hard.

In a past blog post, “Finding and Maintaining Motivation,” I recommended the above writing,

For an example if not for today’s post I might use 12bEasTmodenow.

12 represent 2012, the year I first watched a video from motivational speaker Eric Thomas (aka ET). I capitalize the “e” and “t” in “beast” to signify ET. “Beast mode” encompasses a concept Eric Thomas discusses. “Now” projects urgency. Typing in such a password every time you check email or you sign onto Twitter will keep your enthusiasm levels thriving.

Hopefully you found all the above helpful. What other ways can you celebrate Self-Improvement Month? Leave an idea in the “Comments” section. I look forward to your suggestions.

Thanks for reading!


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