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#CPChatNow Recap- 09-02-2015

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Members within a community provide support to one another and bond over shared interests. Those communal traits the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow put on display last night. Everything began with my co-host Blake Henry updating us on his adjustment to college life.

Adjusting to college lifeRather than pouting about time management problems the dialogue switched gears to discuss solutions.

What is your time management trick?Add your tip and extend the conversation. This week’s Extend-the-Conversation question asks “What is your time management trick?”  Leave your answer in the “Comments” section.

In addition to time management, exercise proved another popular topic yesterday.

Exercising with cerebral palsyShared interest-wise Ghostbusters supplied the catalyst for bonding.

Bonding over GhostbustersBill Murray storiesGhostbuster AJOn a final note, I announced details for #CPChatNow’s September Google Hangout.

#CPChatNow September Google Hangout announcementDirect message me on Twitter to learn how to score an invitation to September’s video chat.

Remember to answer the Extend-the-Conversation question too! What is your time management trick? Respond in the “Comments” section.

#CPChatNow Excitement Level

#CPChatNow brings excitement to every Wednesday evening, 8pm ET on Twitter.

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