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#CPChatNow Recap- 12-02-2015

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Almost two years to the date since the first #CPChatNow and the Twitter chat continues to go strong! This week current events provided a lot to talk about. News stories discussed included Kylie Jenner  modeling using a wheelchair  and the Anna Stubblefield case. The latter came up first.

#CPChatNow discusses the Anna Stubblefield case.Generalizing ability to consent hurts the disability community.Click here to read the post. My back and forth with Jocelyn demonstrated the need for proper content management.

A poor headline can lead someone to miss a well-written post.Such a poor subhead in a Twitter card can turn readers off. In the process readers end up avoiding a well-written piece. However, I should digress. If I continue, I’ll lead us into a social media marketing conversation. So back to last night’s recap!

Kylie Jenner modeling with a prop wheelchair came up.

Kylier Jenner models with a prop wheelchair.Is Kylie Jenner's actions the problem or is the larger issue disability misconceptions?Time for this week’s extend-the-conversation question. How does the Kylie Jenner story make you feel? You can read the story for yourself here- “We Need to Talk About Kylie Jenner.

Additionally to the aforementioned current events, last night we discussed cerebral palsy and aging.

#CPChatNow talks about growing older with cerebral palsy.#CPChatNow talks about resources for aging with cerebral palsy.Watch John W. Quinn’s video on growing older.

To checkout the resource Devin linked to click here. Also before you leave remember to answer the extend-the-conversation question. How does the Kylie Jenner story make you feel?

Respond below in the “Comments.”

See you next week #CPChatNow for a big week! Beyond our weekly Wednesday Twitter chat, we hold our annual self-evaluation Google Hangout. During the Hangout we will reflect on our 2015 and look ahead to 2016! You will want to join in!


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