Words #CPChatNow uses to describe our Twitter chat

#CPChatNow Recap- 12-09-2015

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Few constants exist in life but one that does goes by the name #CPChatNow. Every Wednesday the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat brings the cerebral palsy community together. This week the conversation picked up with a news story we discussed last week, Kylie Jenner’s controversial photo shoot.

#CPChatNow discusses responses to Kylie Jenner's controversial photo shoot.

Full story to the Kylie Jenner follow-upAnother response to the Kylie Jenner storyI know! The above contains much dialogue based off links. Obviously I’m going to provide live links so you can put the discussion into context. The following takes you to story I mentioned, “That Kylie Jenner wheelchair pic has inspired one hell of a powerful response.”

Then here you will find The Washington Post coverage Hannah linked to. Also read the response Hannah linked to, “Broadway’s First Actress in a Wheelchair Wants to Recreate That Kylie Jenner Photo Shoot,”

Another current events story brought up last night involved cerebral palsy prevalence.

Cerebral palsy prevalence remains the same.

Read more about cerebral palsy prevalence staying steady over at Disability Scoop.

As the night continued an interesting question came up. “Do you view yourself as disabled or a person who just happens to have a disability?”

Do you view yourself as disabled or a person who just happens to have a disability?

What's the difference between disabled and a person who happens to have a disability?

Personally I consider the question similar to the “Do you see your disability as a part of your identity?” I recently answered the identity question in-depth via a video blog post on Youtube.

What about you though? Answer for this week’s extend-the-conversation question, “Do you view yourself as disabled or a person who just happens to have a disability?”

Leave your response in the “Comments” section!

Moving on I used yesterday’s chat to remind others tonight we hold our monthly Google Hangout.

#CPChatNow Self-Evaluation Hangout reminder

During our self-evaluation we will reflect on 2015. #CPChatNow’s most exciting year yet! Plus we will look towards the future.

Words #CPChatNow uses to describe our Twitter chat

Words #CPChatNow community members use to describe #CPChatNow.

Last year we started this annual self-evaluation tradition. I formally announced Blake Henry as #CPChatNow’s new co-host. Insights shared during the December 2014 Hangout led us to create a private #CPChatNow Facebook group (request to join).

Also the feedback helped us to determine how to run the focus chats. All in all the event proved quite successful. I sense in a year I’ll say the same about the 2015 self-evaluation Hangout.

Ultimately #CPChatNow aims to serve our community. You make us thrive! Therefore I look forward to your feedback tonight. In the meantime make sure to answer the extend-the-conversation question.

“Do you view yourself as disabled or a person who just happens to have a disability?”

Comment below to answer! Thank you too for contributing to our community.



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