Don't write your year in review too early! You still have time to squeeze out the failure.

Hold Off On Your Year in Review!

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With each passing day in December more and more year in reviews emerge. Bloggers post them before taking hiatuses. The bloggers electing to rest before the New Year arrives.

Heck the same goes for people in general. Maybe even you! Perhaps you find yourself reflecting on the past 350-plus days. I understand the temptation. Few days remain in the year. The year’s outcome seems certain.

You know who else I bet could relate to such sentiments? Sorry Wolverine fans but I must bring up Michigan University. If you follow college football even casually, you can predict where I’m going.

10 Seconds! 10 Seconds!

Please do yourself a favor and watch the video embedded above (email subscribers click here). Dr. Eric Thomas does wonders translating Michigan State’s unfathomable win over Michigan University into an allegory for life. One I feel fits perfectly with the current year in review trend.

Like the video shows, Michigan University felt certain about the game’s outcome. Although 10 seconds remained, the Wolverine nation acted as the game already ended. For allegorical purposes, the Wolverine nation began their year in reviews.

Run for the Touchdown

Possibly as you read you think “Yeah, but that was a close game. My year has been more like The Ohio State University’s 42-13 beat down on the Michigan Wolverines. The last 10 seconds don’t matter.”


My family ties places me under the scarlet and grey banner.

Okay Wolverine nation, I admit that proved an intentional dig. My family ties places me under the scarlet and grey banner. Feel free to point out how Michigan State ruined Ohio State’s playoff hopes and we can then move forward.

To everyone else, thanks for putting up with the friendly sports banter. Back on topic now! I actually brought up the Ohio State/Michigan game to address a credible issue. What if your goals for the year exist beyond attainability? Why bother continuing the grind?

Absorb the Failure

Fine Debbie Downer, give up! Write your year in review of woe. Foster a culture engrained in negativity. Absorb the failure.

Or, grab that sponge and squeeze out the failure. How do you accomplish said feat? Well I recommend a concept I learned watching Eric Thomas’ videos. Fourth quarter living!

Don't write your year in review too early! You still have time to squeeze out the failure.

My regular readers may recall my late September fourth quarter living post, “Planning for Fourth Quarter Living.” To finish the year strong, take my advice for weekly goals and apply to daily goals. At the very least you better your position heading into next year.

So join me and keep working hard as the year comes to a close. Wait until December 31st to write your year in review. Until then execute your daily goals. End the year strong!

Do you want someone to help keep you accountable with your daily goals? Share them here in the “Comments” section and let me help you out.


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