A live show provides release for both music fans and musicians.

Exploring the Benefits of Music

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Leftstronger frontman Jesse Magee discusses the benefits of music.

In Rock Realities Leftstronger front-man Jesse Magee talks more in-depth about how music helps people.

Music possesses a certain power, one almost magical. Surely you know what I mean. A certain song that offers you comfort when down.

Or, a song that helps you recall joyous memories. The benefits of music remain vast. All in all music just contains a special quality.

Now think how the aforementioned only represents the benefits of music from one perspective! If you and I as listeners experience such fulfillment listening to these songs, what must the artists experience? Before you begin speculating, stop! For your pleasure, I eliminated the guess work.

Thank you? No problem! I write for this reason. In case you wonder what I’m going on about, I’m talking my new book Rock Realities.

Released December 8th, 2015 Rock Realities compiles into one place 13 articles I wrote. Phone interviews with different musicians supplied the basis for each piece. Topics discussed during these interviews ranged from inspiration behind songs to connecting with fans. Plus a lot more!

That Special Quality

Earlier I described music as possessing “a special quality.” Said quality you could call therapeutic. In fact “therapeutic” proved a keyword in my interview with guitarist Jason Stollsteimer. Most known for The Von Bondies Stollsteimer explained how writing music provided him a therapeutic outlet.

Staying with the therapy theme, I recall my interview with singer-songwriter Chris Hendricks. Throughout the 2011-2012 NHL season both the Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers used Hendricks’ upbeat track “Noise” to rally fans up.

Interestingly enough the singer-songwriter revealed during our discussion how “Noise” started completely different from the upbeat finished product. His comments on the song’s origins will intrigue you!

A Reciprocal Relationship

Already we established how the benefits of music can serve listeners and musicians separately. The interviews I conducted for Rock Realities go further. They demonstrate the ways a fan’s relationship with a band becomes mutually beneficial.

Guitarist Steve Mackin expressed joy about using social media to connect with fans around the world! A Twitter connection even helped his band Mulu Lizi to play their first show outside their home state New York. Leftstronger front-man Jesse Maggee shared how listener feedback fuels new enthusiasm for his music.

A Lot More Too!

Honestly I could go on with the examples but instead I will digress. If what I posted here today grabbed your attention, I suggest you checkout Rock Realities. Go ahead and purchase Rock Realities for your Kindle* or Nook.


After you read make sure you let me and the entire world know what you think! Contact me personally and then write a customer review for the Kindle or Nook sales page.

Happy reading!

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