I explain the three Cs that outmatched and neutralized my cerebral palsy, allowing me to improve my 5k time by almost five minutes!

How I Improved My 5k Time By Almost Five Minutes!

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Four minutes and 52.5 seconds equates to inconsequential or impressive, depending on context. If you spend four minutes and 52.5 seconds waiting for a friend, you will likely deem that inconsequential. Meanwhile improving your 5k time by four minutes and 52.5 seconds impresses. A feat I recently achieved!

To catch everyone up, last August I completed my first official 5k (3.1 miles). Discouragement tempted me afterwards. My chipped 5k time clocked in at one hour, two minutes, and 44.4 seconds. I finished last in my age group and overall!

Thankfully I managed to escape discouragement’s temptation. Wait, wait! I deserve more credit. Call me cocky if you wish.

Yet, I not only managed to escape discouragement. I defied! Through three Cs I outmatched and neutralized my cerebral palsy. All led to my four-minute and 52.5-second improvement.

Like A Monster!

Ironically I accomplished my improved 5k time at the Lake Erie Monsters Community Fun Run. Ironic how you ask? Think about a monster. What makes monsters scary? They come at you full force. No hesitation. Monsters believe in themselves. You can say monsters possess confidence.

I accomplish my goal to finish the Lake Erie Monsters Community Fun Run with a 5k time under an hour.

I smile with confidence, after achieving my goal for the Lake Erie Monsters Community Fun Run 5k.

There we hit on the first C, confidence. Like a monster I entered the 5k confident. Walking 5ks serves as tests towards my larger half marathon goal (13.1 miles). In my half marathon training I am pushing distance limits. At the moment I regularly hit seven-plus miles. Suddenly walking 3.1 miles seems no biggie.

Build Up

While confidence generates ease, confidence does not come easily. You must build up. Here the second C walks in, consistency. Work consistently at your goals.

Personally I am walking at least once a week. In 2014 when I first took walking serious, I reached exhaustion after four-and-a-third miles. Well just this weekend I walked eight-and-a-half miles!

Said progress proved no walk in the park though! Actually the progress included some walking in the park. Excuse my literalness.

Anyways I meant progress comes with physical consequences. Due to how I walk I deal with calluses on my feet. Now I’m encountering increased callus issues. Issues I am handling. So I can keep building my leg muscles.

The Most Powerful Muscle

Earlier I said the three Cs “outmatched and neutralized my cerebral palsy.” The two mentioned already outmatch. C number three neutralizes. A task made possible via the most powerful muscle. I am talking about the brain.

By mindfully selecting the 5k to participate in, I outsmarted my cerebral palsy. Particularly I stayed mindful about the third C, course. Consider what the course entails.

My results from the 2016 Lake Erie Monsters Community Fun Run 5k.

I give partial credit to the Monsters Fun Run’s flatter course for my improved 5k time.

A course’s makeup impacts how your body must work. The first 5k I completed involved hills. Cerebral palsy turns navigating inclines and declines into challenges. In comparison the Monsters Community Fun Run featured a flatter course. Less difficulty navigating a course translates to a faster 5k time.

Please do not misinterpret the above to mean “Avoid challenges.” I am set to complete the more challenging course again this summer. Curiosity eats me. How much improvement could I see on the same course? We shall know come August.

Until then I will consistently work at my bigger half marathon goal. Building confidence along the way! Staying mindful about the courses I embark on too.

I hope you do the same with your goals. Work consistently. Build confidence. Stay mindful about your course, albeit a literal or metaphorical one. Live life in stride.

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