After talking up the AXSChat community a lot,Zachary Fenell takes time to write a formal testimonial for the community.

AXSChat Testimonial

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To educate and dispel cerebral palsy misconceptions in a fun, engaging way. That remains my website’s mission statement. Successful fulfillment relies on remembering there will always remain more to learn. Lately I am turning to the AXSChat community to obtain said knowledge. The AXSChat mention probably comes as no surprise to those who follow me closely.

Indeed, I am touting the community quite frequently. I sung their praises through tweets. Even during #CPChatNow, the chat I co-found and still co-host! Plus I referenced AXSChat in my post “Creating One United Disability Community.” Most recently I interviewed, representing Think Inclusive, AXSChat’s three co-founders. Take a look, “AXSChat Community Comes Together to Improve Accessibility.”

Honestly writing the aforementioned tested my impartialness. Temptation lingered to go off on personal tangents, validating sentiments the three co-hosts shared. Through my own participation in the chat I can verify their statements. Like Neil Millikin saying “AXSChat has been a great catalyst and connector and we’ve seen a number people come together.”

Neil Millikin says about the AXSChat community "AXSChat has been a great catalyst and connector and we've seen a number people come together." A statement I can confirm with my experiences participating in AXSChat's weekly Twitter chat.Easily I could use Millikin’s statement and transition towards the people I am collaborating with thanks to AXSChat. Such direction seemed inappropriate considering the platform. You know what offers the perfect platform though? My blog here! So please indulge me while I give my formal testimonial for AXSChat.

AXSChat Testimonial:

If you call yourself a disability advocate, I highly recommend you checkout the AXSChat community. Initially you may feel overwhelmed, accessibility’s many dimensions intimidating you. However, the friendly community eases concerns. Your previous apprehension replaced by newfound motivation.

AXSChat motivated me to revisit my Youtube video archives and add closed captions. Plus on my website install the WP Accessibility plugin. Now I am amidst understanding image descriptions better. Much I learned coming courtesy a fellow AXSChat participant Mark McGuire. At my request he even committed an entire blog post exploring the subject!


Does my testimonial intrigue you? Hopefully you just said yes. We in the disability community want you apart the accessibility movement. Better yet we NEED you a part the accessibility movement!

Please consider joining the AXSChat community. Every Monday Millikin and his co-hosts Debra Ruh and Antonio Santos conduct a video interview with the week’s guest. The archives you can visit anytime at the AXSChat website. Tuesdays at 3pm ET the three hosts hold a live Twitter chat based off Monday’s interview. Contribute using the hashtag “#AXSChat” in your tweets. I anticipate tweeting you then.

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2 responses on “AXSChat Testimonial

  1. markdeafmcguire

    Great write-up. You are on point that it can be hard to not share the same sentiments and your blog is the perfect platform for your sentiments. It was an excellent write-up on It was good to learn about the founders’ journey.

    I do have to agree with you that it’s a community, or perhaps, an ecosystem, that allows those of us with different human conditions, to thrive on all kinds of platforms. Some of the AXSChat regulars have their own blogs like you, some post on Medium, some are partial to Facebook, some are partial to YouTube, etc…

    Personally, I think part of the challenge is to engage more often. It’s one thing to open our minds, and another to observe in the background, but to engage in a conversation, that’s where the greatest impact is made, whether it is asking a question, discussing a train of thought, exploring possibilities, or providing an answer.

    It’s been a pleasure meeting you on AXSChat and following your own journey as a writer. Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Zachary Fenell Post author

      Thank you for the kind words Mark. I’m very glad I’ve connected with you through #AXSChat. I enjoy the continuous engagement we are partaking in outside the chat. Not to get a big head, but I think our continuous back and forth is a great example of what you talk about in your comment. Thanks again!

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