Turning Your Cerebral Palsy Role Model into a Mentor

Turning Your Cerebral Palsy Role Model into a Mentor

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Recognizing valuableness and obtaining said value can prove frustrating. To demonstrate, previously I described needing role models with cerebral palsy. Amidst I outline their importance. Although I never used the word “mentor,” along the way I transitioned to discussing mentors.

Before continuing, perhaps I should distinguish between the two roles. After all you might wonder “What is the difference?” I believe that answer comes down to answering another question. Do you possess a personal relationship with your cerebral palsy role model? An affirmative response indicates you actually enjoy the benefits a mentor provides.

Time to reconvene on the frustration mentioned prior. Maybe reading my earlier post you felt like screaming at your device. Specifically, when taking in the section titled “Audio Engineering Life.” “I KNOW! BUT HOW?!?!” you griped. Communicating with someone you look up to may initially intimidate you. Today I help you cut through such anxiety. Implement the following tips and turn your cerebral palsy role model into a mentor.

The Best Pick Up Line

Similar to a crush, approaching someone you admire stands daunting. What should you say? Will you sound stupid? Could you handle the rejection if the person dismisses you? Stop freaking yourself out with these questions! Instead try a much overlooked and arguably the best pick up line. Say “Hi.” Next briefly explain how the person impacted you.

With John W. Quinn

Since connecting on Twitter, John and I teamed with Handicap This’ Tim Wambach to start #CPChatNow. Plus we met in-person.

Twitter works great to implement the above. Simply mention the person in your tweet. My initial communication with author John W. Quinn happened similarly. I remember purchasing his book Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy and tweeting “I just purchased Someone Like Me by @johnwquinn. Looking forward to reading!” John replied and our connection built from there.

[Checkout my review for Someone Like Me by John W. Quinn]

Stop Hiding in the Bushes!

Admittedly your enthusiasm towards your CP role model risks endangering the brief aspect in “briefly explain.” Your excitement builds momentum. Suddenly you appear an emotionally famished blabbermouth seeking companionship.  Or to put another way, stalker!

Note I used the word “appear.” I realize you mean well but the aforementioned behavior still sets off warning bells in the recipient’s mind. Quite counterproductive to what you desire, a mentor-mentee bond. Therefore make sure to carefully craft your first few correspondences.

Perchance you feel your message borderlines stalking material, diffuse utilizing humor. Joke along the lines “I really don’t mean to be a stalker.” Your joke displays self-awareness and assists relaxing the recipient.

Like Any Other Friend

Consider the way you treat your friends. Hopefully you respect their time and understand when trouble arises. Regarding the latter I am talking plans cancelled last minute, accidental miscommunication, or whatever. No matter the situation, a good friend reacts courteously.

Practice the abovementioned courtesy with your mentor too. They probably live busy lives. Consequently, your email possibly will go un-answered originally. Wait a week or two. Then respond with a polite follow-up. To reiterate, treat your mentor with the same courtesy you show your friends.

Thrive with a Mentor!

Turning your cerebral palsy role model into a mentor enables you to better thrive living life. A benefit which only activates once you transcend the awe felt upon approaching someone you look up to. Ease your nerves by implementing today’s advice.

First go say hi. Briefly explain the impact the person made on you. If you worry you might sound like a stalker, joke about that. Humor helps relax both parties. Finally treat your mentor with the exact courtesy you treat any other friend with. Good luck establishing the positive mentor-mentee relationship!

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