Developing a Winning Mindset

Developing a Winning Mindset

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Imagine a boxer relentlessly punching you. No official around to stop the fight. Such analogy effectively describes how last place may impact self-confidence. Notice a keyword there though, “may.” By developing a winning mindset you empower yourself to change the scene. Prepare to go on the metaphorical attack!

“Whatever” you might say while reading. “This will not apply to me.” Well, I am choosing to ignore those remarks. Surely your comments echo the negativity previously beaten into you. After all I recognize the “easier said than done” essence embodied within the “develop a winning mindset” advice. Thus I wish to offer practical tips. Lessons I learned firsthand during my road racing experiences.

Writing Your Own Dictionary Entry

Before continuing, I would like to ask you a favor. Grab your dictionary and look up the definition for success. Okay, who am I kidding? I doubt many people use actual dictionaries anymore. So utilizing your favorite search engine, search “define: success.”

Next allow me to take a line from Dead Poets Society’s Mr. Keating, a character the late great Robin Williams brought to life. “Rip it out!” Or in our situation, close down the tab! I want to hear clicking!

Now type your own entry defining success. Determine what achievement means to you personally. To demonstrate, I recall my first ever 5k in August 2015. I finished dead last, crossing the finish line in one hour, two minutes, and 40.3 seconds.

Admittedly the result initially hit me hard. Eventually however, I walked away wiser. Gaining new perspective I realized I should re-focus myself. Forget the participants ahead and around me. Instead I must complete my own race. Therefore upon my following 5k, I re-defined success as “finishing in under an hour.” A deed accomplished and surpassed!

Living a Jordin Sparks Song

Perchance you consider the above wisdom lowering standards. I challenge you to view otherwise! Contemplate the grand scheme. Realize accomplishment comes one step at a time. “Like learning to fly or falling in love.” Live that Jordin Sparks song!

Fine, I apologize. I promised practical tips to develop a winning mindset. “Live that Jordin Sparks song” fails to meet the stated objective. Rephrasing to put practically, target specific milestones. Each milestone represents a step towards your overall goal.

I smile and pose for a picture after completing my half marathon goal.

Completing a half marathon required me to tackle the 13.1 miles one step at a time.

My crossing the Towpath Marathon’s half marathon finish line in October 2016 shows the aforementioned works. Originally upon my half marathon training’s start four-and-a-third miles exhausted me. Conquering 13.1 miles seemed unfathomable! At least until I separated the distance to smaller feats.


Surprise! Talk about unexpected John Cena! I am bringing the 2016 trend back. Anyone unfamiliar, the ensuing supplies you a reference point.

Unlike the comedic “JOHN CENA” video cut-in timing, my placement contains additional significance. Actually my final tip to developing a winning mindset doubles as a John Cena catchphrase. Three words which transcend mere slogan. Never give up!

Again, let us explore real world application. Especially since “Never give up” resembles idealistic inspirational rhetoric. Yet truly ponder the message. If similar to me, you will uncover a powerful reality. Think!

Alright, here goes my big epiphany. Give up and your outcome remains guaranteed, failure. Meanwhile continue trying and new possibilities emerge. Impactful truth, am I correct?

Summarizing Ways to Develop a Winning Mindset

Losing can pack a dominating blow, disorientating your self-esteem. Still you possess the ability to return equally strong shots. Strength built through developing a winning mindset.

Prior to anything else, redefine what success means to you. Then outline milestones to help you along the journey, one step at a time. Finally and most importantly, never give up!

Wait a moment. Forget finally. Maybe you hold another tip to aid developing a winning mindset. Please share via commenting below.

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