Prove you wrong!

Prove You Wrong!

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Proving yourself seems a part to living with cerebral palsy. Expectations riddled with the word “cannot.” Sometimes you must fight just to receive the opportunity to show otherwise. To prove you wrong! The “you” encompasses those denying you opportunities. Truthfully, often one such denier goes overlooked. Go find a mirror.

Yes. I am talking about your innermost critic. Surely you stopped yourself from attempting a certain accomplishment. Claiming your cerebral palsy as the reason why you can’t. Hopefully that mirror remains nearby. I want you to take another glance. Say to your reflection “I’m going to prove you wrong!”

Now I am not somebody who fancies himself without fault. I admit to personally experiencing the above scenario too. Remember all my touting after I completed the Towpath Marathon’s half marathon? Well, a small secret accompanies my victory.

Originally when setting my goal, I thought “I’ll do a marathon.” Quickly the naysayer within me spoke out. “26.2 miles?! That’s too much. Be more reasonable. You CANNOT do a full marathon.”

Unreasonably Reasonable

Honestly, said self-doubt continued lingering even once I completed the half. Given the difficulty I faced with the final mile, I dismissed leveling up further. 13.1 miles appeared the peak to my cross country endeavors. Then an outside voice caused me to reconsider, eventually. Persistence proves quite influential.

The aforementioned persisting came courtesy my good friend James Schleicher. Initially I shrugged off James’ suggestion. “Maybe” I replied, but I lacked any serious intentions. Later seeking to quiet James I agreed based on a contingency, he join me.

“Okay” James responded. Yet a problem loitered. I stayed hesitant, still deeming 26.2 miles unreasonable. Thanks to James though, I felt forced to reevaluate. Become unreasonably reasonable.

Or to rephrase, assess the perceived irrational and strategically plan. Perhaps a subject I could detail in a different post. I do not wish to lose focus around today’s “prove you wrong” theme. Nonetheless the two topics carry a connection.

Allow me to demonstrate using my marathon training. Currently I am walking three days a week, typically a minimum six miles every outing. Between the distance and frequency I am finding the schedule intense. Rather than letting exhaustion best me I am enduring. Determined to prove myself wrong! To tell my inner detractor “I’m going to prove you wrong.”

I Dare You

Like I extended to James, I invite you along the marathon journey. No, no. Forget invite. I dare you to accompany James and me during our 26.2-mile expedition. However, I am not expecting your participation to involve physically completing the marathon.

Instead I challenge you to recognize whatever task you convinced yourself “I’m unable.” Become unreasonably reasonable and pursue. Prove you wrong! Comment below to get started. Share your metaphorical marathon. Let us support each other alongside our big ambitions.

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