From the many blogs nominated Zachary Fenell made the shortlist cut and remains in the running to become HealthUnlocked's Health Blogger of the Year.

Celebrating Health Bloggers’ Important Contributions

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Blogging offers more than merely a platform for vanity. Done right a blog leaves a meaningful impact. A reader could feel less alone, more informed, and perhaps even inspired! This holds especially true with health bloggers. Looking to recognize the aforementioned HealthUnlocked started the Health Blogger Awards.

Or, so I paraphrase. To quote HealthUnlocked directly, “The HealthUnlocked Health Blogger Awards recognise the important role that bloggers play across health and the insight and information they share.” As a peer-to-peer support network HealthUnlocked stands a fitting outlet to bestow these honors.

HealthUnlocked's Health Blogger of the Year award will go to “the one blogger who stands out from the crowd offering useful information and insight into health generally, or a particular disease or condition.”

From the 100s of blogs nominated for HealthUnlocked’s Health Blogger Awards, my cerebral palsy blog made the shortlist for Health Blogger of the Year.

Honor proving an accurate descriptor too. I know firsthand. Yes! I am happy to report from the many blogs nominated my blog here made the shortlist and remains in the running to win HealthUnlocked’s Health Blogger of the Year award. An award HealthUnlocked seeks to present to “the one blogger who stands out from the crowd offering useful information and insight into health generally, or a particular disease or condition.”

Warming Sensation

Again to speak to what I mentioned before. Bloggers, health bloggers particularly, possess great power. Just think. Where might you turn once receiving a diagnosis? Online, obviously!

Prior to your Internet search fear and loneliness may strike. The unknown leaves your imagination flirting with worst case scenarios. Knowing nobody with your newly revealed condition your thoughts freeze up. Your imagined worst case scenarios numb you to reality.

Then searching Google’s results you discover a warming sensation. You find a health blogger, maybe multiple health bloggers, who live with and discusses your disability or disease. Suddenly the lonesomeness melts away. You can now relate to somebody!

Fueling Rockets

Relating surpasses simply the ability to say “Me too!” There stands educational and empowerment benefits. Educationally perhaps the blogger mentions a product or treatment option your medical professionals overlooked. You read and wonder “Would this be an option for me?”  Voice your curiosity! Ask the appropriate professional.

Coincidently the abovementioned scene also demonstrates the potential empowering effect. Accumulating your own information positions you to better converse with doctors and specialists. Considering the subject matter, YOUR HEALTH, you deserve such positioning!

Admittedly situations arise where the conversation lacks another individual. Instead you actually face self-defeating talk. Quickly you defer to your medical file. “Oh I cannot because I have (insert diagnosis here).” Following the correct health bloggers changes the internal discussion.

Watching someone else with similar challenges achieve success negates the negative mindset. Motivation replaces the unhelpful sentiments. Fueling you to new heights, like a soaring rocket!

Cheers to Health Bloggers!

The reasons outlined today emphasize the importance behind HealthUnlocked’s goal to recognize health bloggers. Additionally the logic defines why I am honored to make the shortlist and maintain the chance to become Health Blogger of the Year. Winning will require gaining support in a public vote and earning judges’ approval.

If in the past my blog helped you, please visit and vote me Health Blogger of the Year. No matter the outcome I already won by making a difference to you. Ultimately health bloggers’ greatest triumph entails positively impacting his or her community.

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