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Using My “Adult Sippy Cup” to Find Independence

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Laughter, including my own, met the joke. “That’s Zach’s adult sippy cup!” Yet there remains no joke about the newfound independence I discovered thanks to my “adult sippy cup.” The joking descriptor actually describes my Aladdin travel mug.

My Aladdin travel mug.
My Aladdin travel mug, also jokingly called my “adult sippy cup.”

After repeatedly struggling to independently get coffee, I turned to my aforementioned Aladdin travel mug. The container holds many similarities to this product.* I wish I could link to the exact one I use but two factors prevent that. First, my brother Nick gave me the travel mug as a gift. Therefore I am unable to simply search my Amazon order history for the item.

Secondly, Nick gifted me the mug years ago! Subsequently I no longer possess any packaging my Aladdin travel mug came in. Again though, the following proves quite similar.               

The comparable features draw the “adult sippy cup” parallel. Humorous imagery aside, the travel mug has successfully provided a serious remedy. The solution to a problem you also may encounter, due to cerebral palsy.

Living an Infomercial!

Sorry! I advise putting the playful “adult sippy cup” reference off to the side only to introduce another comical visual. “Comical” feels an accurate way to describe the most extravagant infomercials. Surely you know the kind, programming examining a simple and ordinary item or task. However, the program makes said item or task seem everything except simple and ordinary. Enter the infomercial’s pitch to buy the better item.

As I began to touch upon prior, CP can leave you living these seemingly overdramatized scenarios. To demonstrate, let me delve into the scene which sparked today’s post. Roughly 10 months ago I joined a weekly writing group organized by my nearby library. I am incredibly fortunate the branch houses a full-fledged writing center. Incredibly fortunate!

Anyways sticking to the topic, behind any writing group you will probably find freshly brewed coffee to fuel the members. Exactly the case at my writing group’s meetings! Inside the writing center’s enclosed kitchenette sits the caffeinated liquid alongside standard size Styrofoam cups. Our group meets next to the kitchenette, within another enclosed room. All elements now lined up setting the infomercial’s stage.            

And Action!

Effortlessly I am able to imagine a voice narrating my actions. “Are you tired of Styrofoam cups?” the voice would ask while I pour my coffee. “Spills happen so easily. One step and your drink jumps, escaping the cup’s brim and going every which place! An inevitable occurrence, no matter how slow you move or how much unfilled space you leave in the cup!” The narration supplies the play-by-play to my attempts walking, holding a filled Styrofoam cup. Between my slight tremoring hands and choppy walking gait, spills essentially become a forgone conclusion.    

If not difficult enough, the imaginary narrator reminds. “Need to navigate doors? Good luck with that!” Pushing or pulling a door open requires exerting force. Such exertion upsets the minuscule steadiness I already managed to establish. Movement in one arm to open the door consequently leads my other arm to quietly jolt. Basic cause and effect principals then apply. The quiet jolt triggers the liquid inside the cup to jump, a little more escaping the brim.

Seeing my difficulties, others extended a helping hand. Sometimes a peer opened the doors for me. Alternatively people offered to carry my cup to my spot. Then the point came where one member would bring me my coffee. No need on my part to even stand up! Although convenient physically, mentally I experienced guilt. My inner voice objecting, “This person is not your secretary! Why should she be bringing you your coffee?”

Pitch Time

Here I guess we come to the metaphorical infomercial’s pitch. Please understand my intentions go beyond selling to sell. By chance you related to the above scenario, I genuinely believe you too could benefit from making an Aladdin travel mug your personal “adult sippy cup.”

Perhaps I should remove the “Aladdin” brand name and merely say travel mug. Rather than a specific company, seek particular features. Some mechanism to cover the lid’s opening stands essential. The mechanism will keep any jumping liquid secure within the mug. NO MORE SPILLS!

My "adult sippy cup" opened, ready for drinking.
My "Adult Sippy Cup" closed.
With one finger movement I can prevent spills!

Less vital, nevertheless worth consideration involves the travel mug’s handle. I prefer a handle attached to the mug at one point. Given my fine motor skills, these handles remain easier to grip. The handle preference highly influenced my decision to link to the Aladdin 12oz café vacuumed desktop mug*.       

Order Your “Adult Sippy Cup” Today!

Or do not. My apologies if today’s post came across overly salesy. The infomercial metaphor captured me. I repeat though, my intentions go beyond selling to sell. Those who relate to my library coffee conundrum, I believe may feel freed getting their own “adult sippy cup.”

No more jumping liquid spilling out. Better yet no more needing to rely on others for help in getting a drink. Thus reason to feel guilty disappears, replaced by independence. Sweet, sweet independence! 

Until next time, remember. Do not blend in. Blend out!


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