The CP Vigilante gives his tips on how to successfully raise awareness using Custom Ink Fundraising.

Using Custom Ink Fundraising to Successfully Raise Awareness

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*Disclaimer- I am in the Custom Ink affiliate program. As such I will receive commission from sales generated after you click any Custom Ink links within today’s post. Although incentive, my main goal remains to help you enjoy a successful Custom Ink fundraising campaign.

Everyone has a story. Perhaps yours leaves you especially passionate about a certain topic. To the point you possess an urge to raise awareness! Noble intention, but how do you plan to raise said awareness?  The options prove numerous. Heck, amidst some options exists further options.  Comparable to nesting dolls!

Take custom apparel for example. Many places print these garments. If you trust me, I am able to save you valuable time. Rather than researching the different companies, go ahead and use Custom Ink.

By chance your plans to raise awareness entail selling your apparel let me introduce you to Custom Ink Fundraising. Given Custom Ink’s easy to use design lab, designing your gear stands simple. Actually Custom Ink Fundraising makes almost the entire process convenient. You could even arrange your fundraising campaign so the proceeds go to your favorite charity. That puts dollar power behind your awareness efforts!

Caution though, talking profits feels premature. Custom Ink Fundraising’s biggest catch necessitates your campaign sells a certain amount, called a print minimum. This number differs based off details like product type, design intricacy, and selling price. Fail to meet your print minimum and your items DO NOT go to print.

Obviously the above equals a huge caveat! Thus the reason I am writing today’s post. After successfully running five Custom Ink Fundraising campaigns, I learned a few tricks. Lessons I am happy to forward to you. Therefore you too hopefully may hit your own print minimum. Shall we begin?

Tip #1- Go Au Naturel

Good news! Assuming you maintain genuine intentions, you already began. Amid your grasp you clutch an inherit advantage. Feel free to proceed au naturel.

Stop! Stay clothed. Ha, ha. I am speaking metaphorically. By au naturel I mean you likely already established a platform. The exact level varies. Personally, I published my CP memoir Off Balanced before ever considering sending messages through apparel. Additionally I began my cerebral palsy blog, Youtube channel and Facebook page prior. Activities which helped me build an audience, a tribe you might say!  

You also probably accrued a tribe courtesy your awareness endeavors.  I am referencing those reoccurring likes from family and friends on your awareness related social media posts. Plus connections you formed joining support groups, whether online or in-person. Whoever fills your tribe, directly reach out to them individually and share your design. Mentioning design brings us to my next suggestion.

Tip #2- Make Your Design B-A-N-A-N-A-S, Bananas!

A good design embodies a characteristic reminiscent to bananas. Similar to the yellow fruit your custom gear must appeal. A peel!

Sorry. Getting serious, decide what message you seek to send. Then create a compelling design echoing your sentiments. Something others will see and respond, “Cool! I want one.”

Zachary in full vigilante gear, including his "However You Move" shirt!

A trick to eliciting such a response involves keeping your design universal as possible. To demonstrate, look at my However You Move shirts. I received advice to add cerebral palsy branding to the design. Politely I declined the idea. I want the shirt to encourage anyone physically disabled to pursue an active lifestyle. Adding a specific diagnosis seems counterproductive, limiting the appeal.     

Tip #3- Peel the Banana              

Oh my! I said the word again. Now I am back to the fruit analogy. Yet on this occasion the parallel contains greater purpose. Just consider the way you peel a banana. One side at a time, right?

Similar to a banana peel different aspects comprise apparel’s appeal. Besides design, product type matters. A supporter who purchased my However You Move shirt, kindly passed on purchasing my second release. He liked the “Normal is a Myth” design, but explained “I already have a draw full of t-shirts I don’t wear.”

Overall I enjoyed better success selling the However You Move shirt. Continuing, multiple people complimented the fabric. Since the shirt aims to encourage an active lifestyle, I chose to sell on a running shirt (Sports Tek performance). A possibility thanks to Custom Ink’s large product catalog. Oppose to going the standard t-shirt route, explore your options. Get creative! Maybe try designing a hat.

Tip #4- Sound the Alarm

Once you complete the abovementioned tips, you should notice the sales beginning to compile. Nevertheless you still face work. Some individuals whom expressed interest will not purchase immediately. Alternative to feeling disappointed, understand. Life creates delays.

Thankfully Custom Ink Fundraising’s operating procedures serve as your ally here. Custom Ink Fundraising requires campaigns to contain an end date. Essentially, you set a purchasing deadline.

The aforementioned policy builds urgency. Sound the alarm! Send a reminder. “Hey! I know you showed interest in my sale. If you are still interested, the deadline to buy is…” Usually I keep my campaigns’ durations around 17 days. I send my reminders with a week left and secondly when two days remain.                 

Tip #5- Become the Difference

Eventually the countdown to your campaign’s deadline transitions from days remaining to mere hours. Stress filled hours perchance you stand below your print minimum. Relieve the pressure and become the difference. Buy the amount needed to greenlight printing.

Admittedly while becoming the difference successfully gets you to your print minimum, you lose financially. Nonetheless remember your original mission. Raise awareness! There you succeeded. Picture your campaign supporters proudly wearing your gear, sparking conversation due to their wardrobe. Due to your apparel!             

Regarding the extra items you bought, you hold a few options. Gift the apparel to friends or family to show your gratitude to them. Run a giveaway contest. Or sell the items yourself. You choose.

Toasting to a Triumphant Custom Ink Fundraising Campaign!    

Whatever your plans, do take a moment to celebrate. Through following the tips shared here today, you will successfully raise awareness using Custom Ink Fundraising. So turn to your au naturel network. Share your appealing design. Add further appeal by printing the design on a product which stands out.

As the deadline to buy from your Custom Ink Fundraising campaign nears, sound the alarm to those who expressed interest. If hours until the deadline you still need to reach your print minimum, become the difference. Order them yourself. Ultimately the price proves worthwhile as your apparel raises awareness by sparking conversation.

Get started today!

Until next time, remember. Don’t blend in. Blend out!


P.S. I am glad to help more. Leave your questions about Custom Ink Fundraising campaigns below via a comment. Best wishes!  

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