Active 365 Toe Separators Product Review

Active 365 Toe Separators Product Review

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Disclaimer: Recently I received some complimentary Active 365 toe separators in exchange for writing an honest product review. Please note I am NOT a medical professional. The proceeding review remains based off two factors. First, my personal experiences wearing Active 365 toe separators. Secondly, my second hand knowledge regarding how somebody walks.  

Anyone who has ever worked on walking in physical therapy (PT) may still hear two words repeating in his or her head. “Heel, toes. Heel, toes.” At least that would hold true if their PT mirrored mine. My therapist engrained said mantra inside my head. “Heel, toes. Heel, toes.” When taking a step, you want to land heel first then push off on your toes to take your next step.

This makes your toes fundamental to walking. Problematic perchance like me, your body’s spasticity causes your toes to naturally overlap. Among differing issues, overlapping toes reduces the space you possess to push off on your toes while walking. Consequently you lose some sturdiness within your step. So proves my experience at any rate.

My overlapping toes without any toe separators to negate the overlap.
My overlapping toes.

Personally, I always feel sturdier wearing toe separators. They help negate the overlap between my big toes and second toes. Over the previous two months in-particular I wore Active 365 toe separators.* Most certainly testing the “Active 365” brand name!

Call Me the Proctor

As I alluded to above, the past two-plus months I tested the “Active 365” moniker. Extending the metaphor, you could call me the proctor. I oversaw the toe separators performance wearing them while going about my active life.

My feet with Active 365 toe separators inserted.
My feet with the toe separators put in.

Outside an awkward first time, I found the toe separators fitting their name. Shift after shift working and mile after mile walking the toe separators continue lasting. More importantly they wear comfortably. The gel material makes them hardly noticeable.  

Only the initial occasion wearing them I incurred pain. I am unsure why. Nevertheless I removed the toe separators as soon as possible, obeying the package’s warning. “In event of increased pain, numbness or discoloration of toe, discontinue use and consult a physician.” Oppose to consulting my physician though, I waited. A few days later I gave the toe separators a second try. The prior problem ceased. Maybe I just needed to adjust to the toe separator’s gel ring.

Put a Ring On It!

Wearing the Active 365 toe separators will lead you adhering to Beyoncé’s advice. Put a ring on it! The product features a gel ring attached to the actual separator. Merely slide over your second toe and step into your day.

Sounds simple, but living with CP I realize sound can deceive. Independently putting in these toe separators requires two physical abilities. One in a seated position you need the ability to reach your toes. Two, functioning fine motor skills in both hands helps a lot. I use one hand to pull aside my big toe and the other to slide the ring onto my second toe. See for yourself.

Watching the video overhead you also see removing the toe separators stands simpler. A single hand completes the task. Grab by the ring and slide off. Once removed I recommend handwashing using water and hand soap. Such maintenance keeps any funky smells under control. Although, each Active 365 toe separators pack includes four separators. Therefore when a pair becomes too smelly or perhaps too worn, you already own replacements!   

Active 365 Toe Separators Final Verdict

Overall Active 365 toe separators work to separate overlapping toes. Separation key considering walking’s basics. “Heel, toes. Heel, toes.” More importantly Active 365 toe separators offer a comfortable fit. The gel material making the toe separators hardly noticeable!

Simultaneously the material also proves durable, holding up well throughout my active life. Putting on the Active 365 toe separators independently requires two physical capabilities. To start, you need the ability to reach your toes from a seated position. The second requirement entails functional fine motor skills in both your hands. If the aforementioned describes you, then I would recommend giving Active 365 toe separators a try. Obviously assuming you deal with overlapping toes!

Would you like to know more before deciding whether to use Active 365 toe separators*? Feel free to leave your questions below in the “Comments.” I will answer the best I can. Again, I am NOT a medical professional. My review remains based on personal experiences using the toe separators. That and my second hand knowledge related to how somebody walks.

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