Guest blogger Eric Tress offers his tips on getting involved in the fun this holiday season.

Holiday Season Guide for Getting Involved in the Fun! (Guest Post)

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Enjoying the holiday season can prove challenging when living with cerebral palsy. Lacking accessibility and/or wintery conditions may turn festive occasions into real-life nightmares. Or even worse, leave you a spectator. Watching everyone else celebrate while you spend the holidays alone.  To prevent this, guest blogger Eric Tress offers practical tips for getting involved in the holiday season fun.  

When you have cerebral palsy, it features front and center in every decision and activity. During the holiday season, considering how to go about enjoying the many fun activities, is essential.

Since you require a bit of extra consideration, some preparations help. That way you can have a blast without compromising your health and safety. Here are a few tips for a mishap-free holiday.

Tip #1- Plan Ahead

Cerebral palsy forces us to use certain adaptive equipment or stay in certain conditions to protect our health. Therefore, you cannot just decide to spontaneously enjoy holiday festivities.  Planning is important to ensure you have everything you need. Plus confirm the ideal conditions for your health and comfort are in place.

For example, say you are heading over to celebrate Christmas with family or friends. Let them know what you need for your equipment, your ease of movement, and whether you need extra help moving around or doing things. That will help things flow smoothly and cut down on a lot of awkwardness.

Tip #2- Be the Host!

To make things easier during the holiday season celebrations, how about planning a fun time at your home? There are several advantages to doing this.

For starters, you don’t have to deal with commuting and all the hassle it brings. You can also have your fun at home where you have everything you need. Not to mention a supportive network of people that are already aware of your needs!

Additionally, it puts you in control of your happiness when you create your own party or get-together. Much better than feeling sad about those you cannot attend or places you cannot go to.

Tip #3- Get Help

Of course, realistically speaking, you may find it hard to organize all aspects of the prior tip. Often this gets people down, causing them to abandon all efforts or get ill from the effort of trying to make things perfect. To avoid such scenarios, why don’t you ask for help with your holiday plans?

You likely have friends or family who are willing to plan a party or get-together for the holidays with you and can do so easily. Let them help you with the difficult parts as you deal with other things that are easier and more fun for you. Some things you can do include;

  • Writing the guest list
  • Suggesting fun activities for the day
  • Writing a menu
  • Creating fun invitations and party favors
  • Decorating for the occasion or choosing an outfit
  • Getting gifts, etc.

There are many ways you can get involved. Focus on them and let people help you with things that are beyond you or can cause you unnecessary strain.

Last Word!

These are some suggestions to help you have a fun time this holiday season. Use the above tips and start planning today!

Happy holidays!


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